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Hello FarmDish Family! We here at FarmDish truly value you & know that we wouldn’t be here without you. We believe that you truly deserve the best, which we strive to do.🌿❤ We appreciate suggestions on how to better our service, concerns on general topics,etc. So please don’t hesitate to send the General Manager, Alura Richards a message directly at ‘’, message us via Facebook Messenger or go to the website ‘’ to collect a ticket & we’ll resolve the issue no later than 24 hours!  So.. to show you all how much we love & appreciate you, we’re giving you the FarmDish Secret Perfect Frittata Recipe!! 😍Very simple steps, have fun!
  • Always use some creamy component (dairy is recommended) mixed with the eggs. It forms a much fluffier, creamier & better tasting frittata. I recommend cream or milk (any kind;could even go dairy-free milk). The best ratio is 1/2c of this for every 12 eggs.
  • Use cheese! This component is nearly necessary to achieve that perfect creamy texture. You can use any kind of cheese. We’ve been known to use sharp cheddar, Monterrey jack, goat cheese, feta, ricotta, you name it. The best ratio is 1/2c of cheese for every 12 eggs.
  • Cook your mix-ins before adding it with the eggs. This is necessary because they won’t cook much once added to the eggs. You’ll end up with a watery mess and crunchy mix-ins if you don’t follow this rule.
  • Use a cast iron pan. There is no other way to get a great crust on the bottom.
  • Pull it out of the oven when it’s just about done. It will continue cooking for a couple of minutes after being pulled from the oven, so if you wait until it’s completely done you’ll end up with an overcooked frittata. The trick is to pull it when it’s just about done (a teeny bit jiggly yet in the center) and allow it to fully cool before cutting.
There ya have it!  If you are ever curious on how to switch up some ingredients in any recipe, or if certain things will work, etc., don’t be afraid to ask; we love to help! We hope you had fun making it if you try (which you totally should, I mean seriously-it’s bomb👌). Be sure to place your weekly orders & keep an eye out for any frittata’s  so you can INDULGE in this heavenly creation! 🥘🍽
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