Easy, Convenient, and Wholesome

How It Works

Breakfast, lunch or dinner plans hand-crafted by our talented and passionate in-house chef.  Delivered weekly to your doorstep in cooler bags to keep the food ultra fresh.

Choose the meals you need

How It Works

Do you need weeknight dinners taken care of for you?  Or maybe just breakfasts?  You may choose your own meals for your convenience, so you only need to order for the mealtimes that you need.

Our chef hand-crafts each weekly menu with seasonal ingredients, you simply select the meals you want each week and the rest is all taken care of for you!  We will post our weekly menus here on the site so you may choose what dishes you want.

We currently offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and kids choices.  Don’t see what you need?  We would love your feedback!

All-natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients for meals you'll love to eat.

Get meals delivered to your doorsteP

How It Works

We deliver our prepared meals in insulated cooler bags with freezer packs that will keep your food cool for up to 12 hours. Included in your delivery will be a packing list of the meals that are included, as well as any other pertinent information. Simply transfer your meals to the fridge! Set the bag and freezer packs aside for pickup the following Sunday/Monday, and we’ll trade your old bag for a fresh, new delivery each week.

Each meal features a label that will provide storage and reheating instructions.  When you’re done with the food, simply rinse the containers and pack them up with the empty bag and freezer packs and we’ll take care of it from there.

Take back your time and eat anytime you like without the hassle of meal prep, cooking or grocery shopping.

EAT Delicious, FARM FRESH & organic food

How It Works

We believe in real food; the principle is at the core of our vision, mission, and values as a company as well as personally.  We do not use processed ingredients such as refined sugar and bleached flour.  Alternatively, we choose wholesome, naturally occurring sweeteners such as honey, real maple syrup, and creative substitutes such as coconut, date, or maple sugar.  We opt for whole grain versions of flour and pasta, and whenever possible, we choose non-GMO ingredients and heirloom varieties.

We source as much as possible from local, trusted farmers and choose organic whenever feasible, which is the case with the large majority of our products.  When it comes to meat and seafood, we seek out wild-caught, sustainably raised, grass-fed, and pastured products as much as possible.

Have questions?  Visit our help center.

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