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We deliver to your doorstep in cooler bags.  You will get a delivery email once our driver starts deliveries. This email will have live tracking & ETA information for your order.  The cooler bags will maintain a safe temp for the food for up to 12 hours.  We don’t ring the doorbell or knock on the door.  We’ll leave the cooler at the front door or any location you specified in your order notes.

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About Our Meals

Our meals are cooked and delivered within 24 hours to ensure freshness.  Please refer to the reheating instructions on the packaging label for best results.  You may also leave us feedback for a specific dish at the link on the packaging label.  Our meals are generally good for 5 to 7 days.  Please reference the expiration date and storage recommendations on the packaging.

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Next Week's Order

You will get an email every Sunday when our new menu is available.  At this time, you may choose your meals for your next delivery.  Please leave the old cooler bag, food containers, and ice packs outside your door for pick-up.  You do not need to wash the food containers but please rinse them out.  These items are reused to reduce our footprint on the environment and keep our costs low.


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